BET9平台登录链接成立于2011年,于2017年正式荣升为“广东天悦餐饮管理集团”。bet9平台登录入口座落于物盛丰华,全民乐厨,饮食文化氛围浓厚的 “世界美食之都”-顺德。

  "Food in guangzhou, kitchen out of fengcheng"

      Shunde, the world food capital and the hometown of Chinese chefs, is also known as "the important birthplace of cantonese cuisine" and "the main source of lingnan cuisine". Shunde has a long history of food culture. Shunde food is famous for its rich and diverse ingredients and is famous for its long cooking skills. Its dishes are characterized by clear, fresh, cool, tender and smooth.
      Guangdong tianyue catering management co., ltd. was founded in 2011, and was officially promoted to "guangdong tianyue catering management group" in 2017. The company is located in shunde, "the capital of world food", which is rich in food culture and full of folk music kitchen.
      Company since its establishment, adhere to carry forward the Chinese food culture, inheriting the shunde food cooking techniques, adhering to the cultivation of Chinese chef "craftsmen" spirit, committed to the traditional diet culture of shunde in modern catering business, to promote traditional cooking technology, health food, and the combination of modern life, keep pace with The Times, bold innovation, the goal to develop shunde cuisine, is famous in the world.
      After many years of hard work and persistence, own brand "pork shiva private kitchens" not only won the CCTV filming "savor shunde", "Chinese catering boutique" "in the Chinese kitchen awards" honorary title, also won the favour of guangdong, hk &macau diners, as the company's brand influence has increased, but also promotes the development of shunde's diet culture meet Bob.
      In the future, the company will rely on the "guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao bay area" national strategic development of new opportunities, with the help of the "world food capital, the hometown of Chinese chefs" golden sign, the "pork Po private room dishes" brand to strengthen and expand, shunde food culture to the country, to the world, and ultimately achieve the dream of pork Po century-old shop!

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